General conditions of use and requesting images

Date: November 2013
(updated April 2015)

The Lyon Confluence Media Library houses all media (images and videos) relating to the Lyon Confluence project and the transformation of the area known as ‘La Confluence’. For more information, please go to:

The library was developed by the company Orkis (software: Ajaris) for SPL Lyon Confluence, the planner of the Lyon Confluence project and manager of the media library.

The media available in this library can be used unless otherwise indicated (cf. ‘conditions d’utilisation’) subject to the following cumulative terms:
• the media may be used for the sole purpose of presenting the Lyon Confluence project
• the media may not be used for profit; press use is not considered to be commercial
• The obligatory credits must be given in the following order: ‘Copyright holder (moral right)’ / ‘Holder of exploitation rights’ – ‘Date’ preceded by ©
• The copyright holders of the works presented must be referenced starting with town planners, landscapers and architects.
• the media must not be altered (reframed, coloured, cut etc.) in any way without the prior consent of the holder of the exploitation rights.

Open access

allows users to:
• peruse all of the authorised media and relative information
• select the media they wish to:
- send as an album
- request in a higher definiton from SPL. In this case, the user must create an account before returning to their selection to make their request. They must specify the intended usage of the media.

Restricted access (with user account)

allows users to : request high definition media from the media library administrator, who will decide what level of rights will be awarded based on the applicant’s role within the Lyon Confluence project.

To request an image, users must:
• ‘create their account’, fill in the mandatory fields on the information form and ‘confirm’ their request,
• add the items to their shopping cart,
• from the ‘cart’, go to ‘view cart’ and then ‘request images’, fill in the information form and then ‘confirm’ the request, which the administrator will process as soon as possible.

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